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Maria del Rosario Zavala
12 January 2021
No recording available
Mary Kemper
1 December 2021
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Simon Singh: Homer’s Last Theorem
20 October 2021
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James Tanton: Twelve Proofs that 1 = 2
29 September 2021
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Creativity and Storytelling
NCTM 100 Days of Learning, May 2020
Mathematical Creativity
La Salle MathsConf 21, October 2019
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Mathigon is a multi-award-winning online platform with a vast collection of virtual manipulatives, games and activities, as well as rich, adaptive courses. The unique content format makes online learning more interactive than ever before, and Mathigon is completely free to use for students and teachers.

We offer custom professional development sessions for schools or districts interested in offering a more immersive training for educators. All workshops are delivered virtually, and will be tailored to the interests and grade levels of participating teachers.

To schedule a workshop for your school or district, please email pd@mathigon.org.

Polypad Workshop (2 hours, $500)

Mathigon’s Polypad is the most advanced collection of manipulatives available on the internet, and the ultimate “mathematical playground”. In this workshop, we will explore the dozens of available tools and features in-depth. Teachers will learn how to engage students in mathematical exploration, sense-making, and problem-solving, and how virtual manipulatives can support complex interactions that are often not possible with physical manipulatives. We will show examples from our library of free lesson plans and teaching ideas, and explain how teachers can create and share content with students to promote collaboration and discovery in their classroom.

This 2 hour workshop can be customized to focus on specific grade levels and can be designed for introductory Polypad users or advanced Polypad users. 4 hour and 6 hour options are also available, at the same rate of $250 per hour.

Storytelling and Diversity in Mathematics (2 hours, $500)

Mathematics has important applications in almost every part of life, and its history is filled with fascinating stories, personalities, and discoveries. Storytelling can make math education more accessible, engaging, and memorable. In this workshop, we will use Mathigon’s tools to explore how creativity and problem-solving can make learning more fun and interactive for students, and how to show them the great power and surprising beauty of mathematics. This 2 hour workshop can be customized to focus on specific grade levels.

Multiplication by Heart (1 hour, $350)

Multiplication by Heart is the best way for students to learn multiplication: fun, colorful, personalized and based on cutting-edge research. We will explore the science behind spaced repetition, as well as our teacher dashboard for reviewing students’ work